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  • REVOLUTIONARY SOLAR TILE – PAVING MALTA’S SOLAR ENERGY FUTURE! - On a bright summer day Malta receives more free energy from the Sun in just one hour, than is needed to power all of Malta’s needs for over a year. The challenge is how best to harness this abundant energy in Malta’s specific circumstances, where land availability for installing conventional solar panels is very limited. […]
  • Virtue Solaris installs commercial solar carport - A 100kWp commercial solar carport is being installed in Qormi. The benefits of a solar carport are numerous: from keeping cars cool in the shade, to making the best use of available space, to generating a LOT of clean energy from the Sun and steady revenue from feed-in tariff!
  • 40kWp commercial PV project completed - Another commercial PV project has been completed by Virtue Solaris. A 40kWp system will generate around 64 mWh of electricity per year. Investing in a solar PV system is definitely the BEST investment decision one can make today. Investing in solar energy for your home or business today means securing RESILIENT future against the backdrop […]
  • PV + battery system = your BEST insurance against rising energy costs! - Investing in solar panels system with energy storage is your BEST insurance policy against rising energy costs. No matter how high utility rates may go up in the future, you would be protected by harnessing your OWN free and abundant energy from the Sun.
  • Virtue Solaris installs powerful PV and energy storage system in Comino’s Blue Lagoon! - A smart and very powerful off-grid PV and energy storage system has been installed by Virtue Solaris in one of Malta’s most iconic locations: Comino Blue Lagoon.   Thanks to this system, various amenities in Blue Lagoon’s public convenience have been powered up! Since public convenience building is not served by grid energy supply, a […]
  • Season’s Greetings and Reflections - As 2021 draws to a close, we would like to thank our treasured partners and customers for your continuous support. The past year continued to pose an array of extraordinary challenges to all of us, both on a personal level, through continued restrictions that affect our daily lives in so many ways, and through economic […]
  • Become an energy-independent household - Let’s examine the basics. A conventional solar PV system can offset a significant portion of your energy needs and will save you a great deal of money. However, solar panels alone cannot totally replace grid supply for the simple reason that solar energy production peaks at around mid-day, yet most households consume most of their […]
  • Victory Day Offers - Vitorja. Indipendenza. Liberta. In honour of Malta’s national Victory Day, and in celebration of some of Malta’s most important historic achievements, we launch three special offers: Victory, Independence and Freedom: VICTORY Achieve VICTORY over your energy bills with our special maximum power PV system. 10 * 440W premium quality solar panels from HT-SAAE, a Bloomberg […]
  • PV Battery Storage Malta - Paying thousands €€€ in energy bills? Bring it down to ZERO! Benefit from up to EUR 6,600 in government grants when purchasing a new PV system and energy storage! Or revamp an already existing PV system with battery storage and benefit from grant of up to EUR 1,800 on replacement inverter and further EUR 3,600 […]
  • NOW is the time to go SOLAR in Malta! - Thanks to the new Maltese government solar schemes, investment in solar panels and energy solar systems has become even more affordable. Virtue Solaris has formulated a number of special offers to help you benefit from the amazing potential of solar power as soon as possible. We offer: Premium quality solar energy systems that give you […]

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