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  • Best price solar panels Malta - Another project completed. The Customer required a very specific system that will address a defined set of requirements. The goal was to provide the best possible yield, within the physical constraints of the site available, in accordance with very specific aesthetic requirements, using the most advanced technology at the best possible price. We took up […]
  • Madliena Solar Panels - This small PV system installed in Madliena punches well above its weight. Six ultra-efficient HT solar panels produce an average of 10 units a day throughout the year, and up to 16 units daily during longer summer days.
  • Brand new stock of solar panels arrives! - Brand new stock of solar panels arrives! Virtue Solaris received new consignment of high efficiency solar panels from Worldwide Energy & Manufacturing USA Co ltd at our warehouse at Handaq, Qormi. A selection of latest models Amerisolar brand 5-busbar monocrystalline and polycrystalline solar panels is available for our customers. These panels come have excellent performance […]
  • New solar stock arrives! - Virtue Solaris received another consignment of brand new stock of inverters manufactured by Growatt New Energy Technologies. Growatt New Energy technology Co Ltd is well established and renown globally as a leading manufacturer of cost-effective, high efficiency photovoltaic inverters and energy storage solutions. Growatt offers a comprehensive range of solar inverters, from 1kW to an […]
  • What can you do with additional €887 in your pocket per year? - Have an extra urban holiday break? Pamper yourself with regular SPA treatments? Get a couple of laptops for the kids? Gym membership for the whole family? A romantic getaway or gift for a loved one? Lets not get too carried away on how the money can be spent.. and instead focus on how to get […]
  • Sale now ON! - Virtue Solaris launched its special winter promotion on a selection of quality solar energy systems manufactured by renown global brands. Customers opting for special package offers for complete solar energy systems with power ranging from 2.24 kWp to 10.8kWp now benefit from incredible discounts of up to 25% on what has already been the best […]
  • Black Friday is over – but our MASSIVE solar panels sale goes on! - Virtue Solaris thanks all customers who benefited from our incredible one-time Black Friday FREE solar panels offer. But our massive solar panels SALE goes on, with AMAZING and UNMATCHED offers awaiting customers who book their solar panels with us before Christmas. Check out these deals and get in touch with us as soon as possible […]
  • IMPORTANT NOTICE FOR BUSINESS OWNERS! - Virtue Solaris 17 hrs · The government has just announced that the recently suspended feed-in tariffs for commercial solar PV have been renewed for 2019, or until the allocated capacity is taken up. PV systems with less than 40 kWp capacity can benefit from a tariff of €0.155 / kWh whilst those larger than 40 […]
  • Grant scheme for residential PV extended until June 2019 - The government announced that the PV grants scheme has been extended till the end of June 2019 or until funds are exhausted, whichever comes first. Under this scheme, households can obtain a grant amounting to 50% of the costs of solar panels, the inverter and mounting system, capped at the maximum of EUR 2,300. Whilst […]
  • Important notice regarding 2019 PV grants scheme for households - The presently available 2019 PV grants scheme is funded exclusively by national funds provided by the Ministry for Energy and Water Management. The budget allocated for this scheme in 2019 is only EUR 2 million, which means that the maximum number of grants that can be allocated under this scheme is capped at around 870. […]

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