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  • Malta’s share of electricity from renewable sources still among the lowest in EU - Of all EU member states, Malta has the most sunshine. And yet, according to recent Eurostat report, Malta is in EU’s bottom league when it comes to share of electricity from renewable sources. Why? One reason often cited to be behind this poor performance, is Malta’s scarcity of land available for solar PV installations. This […]
  • Black Friday 2020 @ Virtue Solaris! - Now’s the time to get your solar panels BARGAIN from Virtue Solaris! Offers on solar panels for your home Repowering of old PV systems to get MORE power and 15c5 feed-in tariff Unique offers on solar PV carports PV systems for your business Commercial PV systems Premium Tier 1 solar panels @ bargain price Latest […]
  • World’s top performing solar panels from Virtue Solaris! - The latest edition of prestigious PV Evolution Labs PV Modules Reliability Scorecard recognized HT-SAAE solar panels among the world’s top ranking PV panels for their performance and reliability. The scorecard ranks PV module brands according to outcome of rigorous reliability and performance testing, which includes subjecting PV panels to extreme heat, mechanical stress, humidity and […]
  • Best hybrid inverters @ Virtue Solaris! - “Ranking overall ELITE in the Solar Review Inverter Assessment Criteria the Huawei SUN2000-L1 has redefined inverter technology with arguably the most technologically advanced string inverter options available” Read full review here: The latest range of Huawei’s best hybrid inverters and optimizers is now available at Virtue Solaris!
  • Why pay hundreds of euros each year in energy bills, when you can install the MAXIMUM solar power on single phase and forget about further energy bills for decades! - Why pay hundreds of euros each year in energy bills, when you can install the MAXIMUM solar power on single phase for only EUR 3,300 or EUR 99 monthly AND forget about further energy bills for decades! The offer includes: 4.4 kWp of power, generating 7,040 units a year, an average of 19.3 units daily, […]
  • Can PV system pay back for itself in less than 2 years? - Under some circumstances, a PV system can pay back for itself in under two years. That’s a staggering 50% annual return on investment! This is particularly the case where a high quality ultra-powerful PV system is used to offset significant energy consumption. For instance, this 10.78kWp PV system installed today in Ta’Xbiex will generate an […]
  • NEW generation of solar panels is now available from Virtue Solaris! - Designed and produced by HT-SAAE, a Bloomberg Tier 1 manufacturer of solar modules, Multiway+ range of solar panels packs a formidable power of up to 455W, which is one of the highest power ratings for a single-sided (monofacial) solar panel. Thanks to the new, larger monocrystalline cell format, half-cut, PERC and multi-bus bar technologies, these […]
  • Be part of something great! - Just think of the immensity of nature. 150 million km away from us, at the centre of the Sun, each second some 3.7 x 10 (to the power of 38) nuclei of hydrogen (protons) collide and fuse together into helium atoms. At a tremendous temperature of 15 million degrees, a thermonuclear fusion reaction that has […]
  • Best price solar panels Malta - Another project completed. The Customer required a very specific system that will address a defined set of requirements. The goal was to provide the best possible yield, within the physical constraints of the site available, in accordance with very specific aesthetic requirements, using the most advanced technology at the best possible price. We took up […]
  • Madliena Solar Panels - This small PV system installed in Madliena punches well above its weight. Six ultra-efficient HT solar panels produce an average of 10 units a day throughout the year, and up to 16 units daily during longer summer days.

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