Larger households with three phase electricity supply tend to incur higher energy consumption, which is billed at progressively increasing tariffs. Indeed larger properties that consume over 10,000 kWh per year end up paying at a rate of 34c per kWh, whilst consumption exceeding 20,000 kWh per year is billed at 60c per kWh tariff. Moreover, there’s no guarantee that these tariffs would not increase further in the future, and unfortunately latest global trends indicate that that this is likely to happen in very near future!

In such cases, a solar panels system alone is unlikely to completely offset or sometimes even substantially reduce energy spending. Since PV energy production does not always coincide with consumption load demand, a substantial proportion of PV energy cannot be consumed at the time of generation and is thus exported to the grid at a cheap tariff of 10c5 per kWh. On the other hand, energy imported from the grid when PV power is unavailable (e.g. in the evening or during the night) is charged at much higher rates.

This is why we have formulated a special offer package which is designed to make a VERY substantial difference to energy spending of even high-energy consumption households. This package consists of a 10.1kWp PV system (Virtue Super Power), including 3-phase hybrid inverter, and a 10 kWh LUNA 2000 battery energy storage system.

Investing in solar panels system with energy storage is your BEST insurance policy against rising energy costs. No matter how high utility rates may go up in the future, you would be protected by harnessing your OWN free and abundant energy from the Sun.

Take advantage of our latest VIRTUE SUPER POWER + 10 kWh battery energy storage offer:

20 HT-SAAE HT66-18X solar panels 505W each
✔ 10.1 kWp PV three phase system
✔ Generation of 16,160 kWh per year, average of 44.3 units daily, and up to 70 kWh on best days
✔ Superior 25 year power performance warranty from a premium Tier 1 manufacturer
✔ Best in the world hybrid inverter from Huawei
✔ World’s most advanced 10 kWh LUNA 2000 lithium battery system
✔ Anodized aluminium or hot dip galvanized mounting structure
✔ 10 year warranty on inverter, 20 year warranty on structure
✔ Smart power sensor to control energy generation, consumption, import and export
✔ Smart monitoring platform

Entire package including installation and assistance with all documentation for only EUR 15,950 after government grants.