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Without government grant

↑ Benefit from feed-in tariff of € 0.155 guaranteed for 20 years, without availing yourself to government grant

↑ Avail yourself of government grant of up to € 2,300 and benefit from feed-in tariff of € 0.165 guaranteed for 6 years
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Without a loan from BOV

↑ Would you like your investment to be financed by interest-free loan from BoV?

↑ How much are you willing to invest in your solar power system?

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— Price per Wp:
— Total Wp:
— Payback period
— Potential annual generating capacity
(tariff @ € )
— Potential annual savings
— Approx. roof surface area
— Saving on CO2 emissions

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(1) For formal quotation and further information please contact Virtue Solaris
(2) This offer price is solely for the items described in the special offer above and does not include any extra supplies, works or services (such as custom made mounts, extra cable lengths, lifting to higher heights than specified, etc) that may also be required by the Client, unless these extra works, supplies or services are included in this quotation
(3) Relevant Local Council permits for crane lifting are Client's responsibility and are not included in the above offer price
(4) Estimated potential power output and corresponding annual savings and payback period are approximate guide values only. Actual performance of the system will depend on a variety of factors including site location, inclination, orientation, shading, weather conditions and other parameters
(5) Permits or authorizations from relevant government authorities (e.g. the Planning Authority etc) and associated professional services (e.g. architect's fees) are Client's responsibility and are not included in this quote. Client is solely responsible for compliance with relevant laws and regulations including planning rules