Amazing service


We promise amazing service experience!

Tired of having to constantly chase “busy” and disinterested suppliers? Calling them, setting appointments that are often not kept? Not having your needs addressed? Fed up of being left on your own, sometimes when you truly need professional assistance? Want to have the job done professionally, within the timeframes YOU set, at YOUR convenience and with a smile?

We have a breath of fresh air for you. At Virtue Solaris we value YOU, our Customer, above anything else. Anything we do is determined only by YOUR needs. We do believe that value is a virtue and are determined to give it to you. And here’s our promise:

  1. We promise to give you unparalleled value through our products and service, at an unmatched price, at any stage of the process, and at any time.
  2. We promise you an amazing service experience and our full and personal attention to any of your request.
  3. We promise to give you full and transparent information on our products and services, including, specifically, the technical information and price. With us, the price you see is the price you pay – no gimmicks or hidden costs that crop up out of the box.
  4. We promise you value and satisfaction.

The best way to verify our promise is to book your PV system with us. But before doing that, have a look at what our Customers say about us on our Facebook page.