Battery storage solutions

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Household owners who consume more than 6,000 kWh (units) per year are charged at tariff rates that range from EUR 0.16 to over EUR 0.60 per unit consumed. These billing rates are considerably higher than the presently available EUR 0.105 / kWh feed-in tariff for energy generated by photovoltaic systems and exported to the grid.

The rule is that the higher the consumption of a household, the higher the billing rate per unit consumed.

So for instance a household that consumes around 18,000 units per year would be charged at an average rate of about 27c per unit. That’s well over EUR 4,800 per year! This is a staggering EUR 96,000 over a 20-year period!

In such circumstances, a PV system and a feed-in tariff option whereby a household uses energy produced by PV for own consumption is a must.

However solar panels produce energy only during daylight hours, yet household consumption also occurs during the night. Therefore any energy consumed during the night, would still be charged at applicable billing rates. Can anything be done about it?

Fortunately yes!

Virtue Solaris offers its clients a unique battery storage solution based on high voltage lithium ion batteries produced by renown electronics manufacturer Huawei.

These batteries can accumulate surplus energy produced by a PV system during the day, and release this stored electricity for consumption during the night, or at any time when PV energy is not available. Over time, this solution invariably leads to considerable financial savings, since the household becomes virtually self-sufficient when it comes to energy needs.

Virtue Solaris offers one of the most cost effective, technologically advanced and renown household battery models in the world. These batteries are capable of storing between 5 and 30 kWh of energy, to be released for consumption on demand. This is normally more than enough to cover all electrical needs of a household during nigh time.

It is also possible to configure a battery system to function in the following modes:

(1) As a conventional grid-tied PV system, where excess power produced by PV panels is stored for own consumption;or

(2) As a grid-tied system but with emergency power backup to important loads when grid power is not available; or

(3) As a pure off-grid system that can provide constant power to any circuit not connected with the main grid supply.

The battery comes with an incredible 10 year warranty, and a guaranteed design life of over 6,000 charge-discharge cycles. That’s more than 16 years if used daily!

The batteries are compatible with Huawei range of hybrid inverters also supplied by Virtue Solaris.

Government incentives are also available for battery storage solutions. As from 2021, the government offers a grant of up to EUR 3,600 to for the installation of a battery storage system. 

Contact us now to discuss your requirements and we would be glad to offer you a complete solution for hybrid (solar + storage) PV system.

Download Huawei LUNA2000 battery datasheet from here:

Huawei LUNA2000 battery datasheet