Yes, 4.04 kWp is generally enough to offset average power consumption of a typical family household in Malta. However, energy consumption is highly specific to each household, and it is often the case that in order to completely offset energy consumption, a larger, or smaller PV system with or without battery storage may be required. You can always refer to us for free consultation regarding your energy needs and a perfect solar system to address your specific requirements!

One should also consider that peak energy consumption tends to occur in the evenings, when solar power may not be sufficient, whilst peak solar generation happens around mid-day, when household consumption may not be too high. Therefore consumption and energy generation do not coincide in time, which implies that some of the excess solar energy ends up being exported to the grid, whilst at other times, household would still need to import electricity. In order to maximise as much as possible the use of own produced solar energy, one would need to consider a battery energy storage system, which would store excess solar energy generated during the day, and release this energy on demand in the evening, or at times when solar power may not be sufficient.