Solar Energy for Homes

PV panels in Malta are particularly suited to residential rooftop installation for energy self-sufficiency. Solar energy generated by rooftop PV systems allows homeowners to generate free electricity from the sun during daylight hours. This can lead to savings on electricity bills as well as reduced reliance on the grid. Households can also benefit from attractive government incentives that range from direct grants on the purchase of home PV system and battery energy storage, to feed-in tariffs for solar energy sold to the grid.

Solar Energy for Businesses

Malta’s abundant sunshine provides ample opportunities for commercial businesses to benefit from solar power. Businesses can install larger solar systems on the roof, replacing or reducing their reliance on grid electricity and mitigating their energy bills, and benefiting from attractive feed-in tariffs.

Solar PV and Battery Energy Storage

With the increasing availability of battery storage technology, rooftop PV systems can act as independent micro-grids. This allows for storage of the electricity generated during daylight hours to be used at night when energy from the grid is typically more expensive. This is referred to as ‘demand response’ and allows homeowners and businesses to save money while reducing their reliance on the grid.