Thanks to recent government grant scheme for domestic batteries, first introduced in 2021, and recently improved in February 2024 with grants of up to €7,200 per battery system, more and more Maltese households are enquiring about the benefits of home batteries.

Until recently, solar batteries were used mostly for off-grid applications to store solar energy for use on site. But latest advancements in battery technology, particularly the rise of lithium iron polymer phosphate (LiFeP04) cell chemistry, sparked huge interest from people who want to store their excess solar energy, whether or not they are connected to an electricity grid.

With a home battery storage system, solar energy generated during daylight hours can be stored and used in the evening or at night, thus avoiding having to import electricity from the grid. This allows households with PV systems to generate additional savings on energy bills over and above savings generated by solar panels alone.

Moreover, home batteries can provide backup power during a power cut, which is an added advantage, apart from financial savings on energy bills.