Growatt solar inverters

Malta Solar Panels

Headquartered in Shenzhen, China, Growatt New Energy technology Co Ltd is well established and renown globally as a leading manufacturer of cost-effective, high efficiency photovoltaic inverters and energy storage solutions.

Growatt offers a comprehensive range of solar inverters, from 1kW to an incredible 2.52MW, together with energy storage solutions for on and off-grid applications and smart home energy management solutions. The company’s products are exported and widely used in more than 100 countries throughout the world.

Growatt owns more than twenty certifications globally, and have sold massive amount of inverters to more than 100 countries in Australia, Europe, North and South America, Asia and Africa regions. Its innovative products won several national and international awards, including, most recently – the┬áTop PV Brand award by EUPD.

The Growatt brand has been well established in Malta, with a number of local solar installers offering various models, mostly the first generation single-MPPT inverters.

Virtue Solaris has a large stock of the latest models dual-MPPT smart inverters in the MTL-S and MIN – XE ranges (single phase), UE and TL3-S (three phase) ranges, which combine amazing power output parameters with superb efficiency, industry-leading safety and monitoring features, great warranty terms, communication functionality and reliability.

All Growatt inverters imported by Virtue Solaris are rigorously tested and certified by independent international laboratories to comply with stringent quality, performance and safety standards. All inverter models sold by Virtue Solaris are officially registered with Malta’s Regulator for Energy and Water Services after passing rigorous regulatory scrutiny.

Further information about the specific Growatt products offered by Virtue Solaris is found below:

Growatt-2500/3600MTL-S inverter specifications

Growatt MIN 2500_6000-XE inverter specifications

Growatt 5000UE three phase inverter specifications

Growatt_8000TL3-S-11000TL3-S three phase inverter specifications