Here we go:
1. Extremely high efficiency in absorbing direct sunlight from the front side of solar panel, and diffuse light from the rear side of the panel results in over 30% more power generation compared to conventional one-sided panels.
2. Latest bifacial mono-crystalline N-Type TOPCON technology ensures very low temperature coefficient, high Light Induced Degradation (LID) resistance and extreme resilience to Malta’s climatic conditions characterized by high temperatures, humidity, salt mist, sand, dust and ammonia pollution.
3. Premium quality – our solar panels are manufactured by AE Solar, German quality Bloomberg Tier 1 manufacturer.
4. World class 30 years power performance warranty, which guarantees 87.4% minimum output after 30 years and 15 years product warranty.
5. Top of the range mounting structure with excellent anti-corrosion properties and wind resistance up to force 12. 20 years warranty on mounting structure.
6. State of the art, award-winning Huawei hybrid (battery-ready) inverters covered by up to 20 years warranty.
7. Real time monitoring via a mobile app.
8. Great value for money: government grant of EUR 3,000 and feed-in tariffs ensure that our PV systems pay back for themselves in around 3.5 years, resulting in incredible 28% annual return on investment.
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