Virtue Max

Maximize your returns with the most EFFICIENT solar panels from Tier 1 German brand. NEW & HOT!!!

This special offer package has been designed for those Customers who value the somewhat rare combination of premium quality, technological prowess, unique design and highly affordable price. This package is designed to MAXIMIZE your return on investment, without costing the proverbial arm and a leg.

This is why we have combined two amazing leading global PV brands in a single, unique, and highly affordable offer. The package combines one of the most technologically sophisticated, reliable and future-proof hybrid inverter models in the word, Huawei SUN2000-KTL-L1, with one of the MOST efficient solar panels available on the market today: THUNDER!

Produced by renown Tier 1 German manufacturer AE Solar, Thunder (AE 400SMB-66F) solar module delivers the highest efficiency of 21.3%, which is unmatched for a solar module of its size. Thanks to its advanced shingle cell layout technology, at only 1.64m in length, Thunder solar panel is amongst the most powerful panels of this size available on the market today. Packing up a formidable 400W of power, Thunder is the most practical solution for most residential PV installations where roof space available for solar panels can be limited. Thunder solar panels are small in size, extremely powerful and pleasant in appearance. Essentially, Thunder solar panels offer THE BEST ratio of power to size amongst all existing PV modules, at an affordable price, and with uncompromising QUALITY of a German family-owned brand. Thunder solar panels are covered by world class 30 years power performance warranty and 12 years product guarantee. Download technical specifications of Thunder solar modules here.


11 Thunder solar panels

Premium German Quality 4.4 kWp PV system. Average 19.3 units a day, up to 31 on great sunny days. Over 7,040 units per year. 30 years power performance warranty. 10 years warranty on latest hybrid inverter. 20 years warranty on structure – built to withstand force 12 winds. Only EUR 3,500, after government grant. Can be financed for as little as EUR 30 per month. Single phase are available in various sizes and configuration. Enquire today!