Virtue Max Premium

Premium value from smart optimized system even in partial shade!

If a part of your solar panels array is shaded at some point during the day due to shadows cast by some objects (e.g. nearby buildings, trees, chimney, etc), your solar energy system can suffer considerable losses in power output, and can even develop faults. Fortunately, Virtue Solaris has a solution for such situations, which help to optimize power output and safeguard the integrity of the system.

Max your returns, peace of mind with fantastic warranty terms and get premium value out of your intelligent optimized solar system even in partial shade!

Huawei solar inverters

A fully or partially optimized solutions are available thanks to latest generation of hybrid inverters (single phase and three phase) and the latest model Huawei SUN2000P power optimizers which allow each solar panel to be monitored and controlled independently from the rest of the PV array. This solution can offer up to 40% boost in performance even for severely shaded PV systems. Moreover, optimization allows fitting of solar panels at different angles and in different orientation, as well as in mixing solar panels of different types within the same PV array.

Huawei latest inverter Solar panels Malta

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