Virtue Super Power

Get MORE energy from less space with super powerful 3-Phase PV system!

If three phase mains connection is available, the option of using ultra high-powered solar modules can offer maximum yields with the least use of space.

Virtue SUPER POWER package offers high-powered super-efficient HT-SAAE 505W monocrystalline PERC solar modules which feature a record efficiency of 21.3%. The panels are produced by HT-SAAE, a Bloomberg Tier 1 premium quality solar manufacturer with long-standing roots in high-tech electronics and aerospace industries. HT-SAAE solar panels are constructed using the latest PERC (passivated emitter rear contact) and shingle cell technology, which allows greater absorption of photons (light) and higher efficiency even in low light and high temperature conditions. The panels are coupled with the latest model Huawei three-phase hybrid inverter, compatible with the latest generation of solar battery systems that can be added at any time. Packages for the installation and commissioning of between 10 and 23 high-powered solar panels are available, with price starting from €5,200 including VAT, after government grant!


  • 20 HT66-18X 505 solar panels * 505Wp each, from a Bloomberg Tier 1 manufacturer HT-SAAE.
  • Premium quality 10.1 kWp PV system – unleash the POWER of a three phase system! Average 44.3 units a day, up to 70 on great sunny days.
  • 25 years power performance warranty. 10 years warranty on latest hybrid inverter. 20 years warranty on structure – built to withstand the highest winds recorded in the Maltese Islands.
  • Only EUR 10,950 incl. VAT, after government grant.

Only at Virtue Solaris.

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