There are typically several options for installing PV inverter, battery system components and other ancillary infrastructure. In deciding where to place solar equipment, several important parameters must be addressed.

In the first instance, PV inverter, battery and other components should ideally be installed as close as possible to solar PV array, in order to minimize potential losses from cabling on DC side.

Secondly, this equipment should be easily and safely accessible for maintenance.

Thirdly, equipment should be sheltered and protected from direct sunlight and direct exposure to the elements. But on the other hand, it should be installed in a well-ventilated area, away from potentially hazardous materials or sources of heat and excessive humidity.

Inverters and battery gear can be installed under PV arrays, provided the above parameters are met. Alternatively, equipment can be installed inside roof access room (e.g. washroom), or under specially constructed shed or shelter.

After assessing each installation space, we’re able to give precise advise that would ensure equipment is installed in a safe environment that would guarantee seamless and safe operation for many years to come!