Warranty terms and conditions

All warranty claims must, in any event, be filed within the applicable warranty period. The above warranty shall not apply when:

  • The original installation performed by Virtue Solaris has been, either in part or in full, relocated, altered or changed in any manner whatsoever without authorisation, re-testing and recommissioning of the relocated by Virtue Solaris;
  • If maintenance recommendations by Virtue Solaris provided upon installation have not been followed or if maintenance has been performed by any authorized technician or not in conformity with the manufacturer’s user manual/s;
  • If any damage occurs as a result of any failure or defects attributed to underlying structures such as roof space, building construction and any elements thereof and any defect in the said components or elements;
  • If any damage or failure occurs as a result of voltage or power surges;
  • If the system is installed in a mobile or marine environment or subjected to abnormal environmental conditions (such as acid rain, salt damage or other pollution);
  • If the system is installed in a hazardous location or location which is prone or subject to accidents or hazards such as fire, explosion, pollution, vandalism or civil disorder;
  • If the product’s labels, nameplates or module serial numbers are changed, erased, made ineligible or otherwise have been tampered with;
  • If any of the components of the originally installed system have been replaced, changed or altered in any way without Virtue Solaris authorization;
  • If the manufacturer’s inverter warranty terms have not been followed by the owner of the inverter;
  • Other unforeseen circumstances or causes outside Virtue Solaris control including, but not limited to, surges, lightning, earthquakes, storms, typhoons, hurricanes, tornadoes, volcanic action, floods, tsunami, hail damage, or other acts of God.

Warranty claims will be honoured only if the product can be identified as being supplied and installed by Virtue Solaris.

Virtue Solaris shall not be liable for any incidental, indirect, consequential or special damages, injuries or damages to third parties, howsoever caused.  Loss of use, loss of profits, loss of production, loss of revenues are therefore specifically but without limitation excluded.

Virtue Solaris aggregate liability, if any, in damages or otherwise, shall not exceed the purchase value of the PV module(s) as paid by the Buyer.

The “limited warranties for PV module(s)” are applicable only to Buyer/s who purchased the said PV module(s) directly from Virtue Solaris. An immediate notification of any claim shall be filed directly to Virtue Solaris. Together with the notification, the Buyer should provide a description of the claim, the corresponding module serial number(s), and proof of purchase such as a fiscal receipt issued by Virtue Solaris.

The return of any PV module(s) will not be accepted unless prior written authorization has been given by Virtue Solaris.

Any replaced modules or other equipment shall become the property of Virtue Solaris. Virtue Solaris shall have the right to deliver another type of PV module(s) or other equipment, including different in size, colour, shape and/or power or other electrical, physical and mechanical characteristics, in case production has been discontinued at the time of the claim.

The repair or replacement of the PV module(s) or other equipment or the delivery of additional PV module(s) or other equipment does not cause the beginning of new warranty terms, nor shall the original terms of the “limited product warranties” and the “guaranteed peak power limited warranty” be extended.

This warranty is transferable when product remains installed in the original location.

Buyer shall notify Virtue Solaris immediately after discovery of any claim under this Limited Warranty by letter or e-mail specifying each alleged claim including evidence of the claims (photos of defective modules and QC stamps) and the serial numbers of the product(s) at issue.

In case of any discrepancy in a warranty-claim, a test-institute such as Fraunhofer ISE in Freiburg/Germany, TÜV Rheinland in Cologne / Germany, or ASU Arizona State University shall be involved for final judgment. All fees and expenses shall be borne by the losing party, unless otherwise awarded.