Over the years, Virtue Solaris worked with various top brands of hybrid inverters and battery systems, both on and off the grid. We installed many systems using top brands like Huawei, Growatt, Deye, Dowell and Bluetti.

From our experience, currently, Huawei LUNA2000 battery system offers the best energy storage solution for Maltese households. This is due to the system’s technological functionality, unparalleled safety, reliability, efficiency, award-winning design, scalability and overall value for money.

Huawei LUNA2000 solar home battery has a scalable, modular design, and is ideally suited as a home grid-connected hybrid battery system with off-grid power backup. Huawei system consists of a power module and one or more battery modules with capacity of 5 kWh each. Up to three 5kWh modules can be added to a battery unit, and up to two batteries can be connected on the same system, making capacity scalable from 5kWh to 30kwh.

The LUNA2000 battery module is suitable for use with both single- and three-phase Huawei inverters. Two batteries can be integrated in parallel in one solar panel installation. This allows a maximum storage capacity of 30 kWh per inverter. LUNA2000 batteries are safe and reliable thanks to the lithium iron phosphate (LFP) battery cells. Defective battery modules are automatically isolated so that the system can continue to function.

Huawei battery can also be integrated with a backup box, which provides backup power in case of power cuts. All components of the system can be monitored and controlled through a smart management app, which displays a wide variety of data that can also help households to make informed decisions about their energy use.