The main benefits of a solar battery for Maltese households can be summed up as:

  • Security in the event of a power failure – With a home battery you always have power available, even during a power outage or an emergency.
  • More efficient power consumption – While you normally only use ‘free’ power during the hours that your solar panels generate power, you store the surplus in your battery system, so that you can take advantage of it when your solar panels are not generating power.
  • Reduction in costs – You save money by using less energy from the grid.
  • Environmentally-friendliness – You contribute to a cleaner environment by using the generated energy more efficiently. In addition, you need less electricity from the electricity grid, which is often generated by polluting coal and gas plants.
  • Energy-independence – By storing your energy, you depend on the capacity of your system, and are more independent from the electricity grid.
  • Less peak-load consumption – During peak hours you relieve the energy network and contribute to a more stable public electricity network.
  • Low initial investment cost, thanks to the recent government scheme.