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Virtue Solaris gives 5 reasons why solar panels are a must for post-COVID Malta.

Reason 1

Every saving counts

There’s not a single Maltese family that has not been affected by impact of COVID-19. As the country passes through trying times, every resource counts. COVID or not, an average Maltese family spends over €1,000 a year on energy bills. Free energy from the Sun can eliminate this spending, helping families to save up for other essentials. Virtue Solaris has a range of special offers on quality PV systems at highly affordable prices and can launch you on solar path for as little as €2,000!

Reason 2

Stability and guaranteed return even at times of economic uncertainty

COVID-19 cast a dark shadow on many aspects of our lives that we always took for granted. Uncertainty and insecurity over the future caused anxiety and loss of confidence. To recover, we must steady our feet, and look towards the future with optimism. Every Euro invested in solar panels is a vote of confidence in the future. There is, at present, no better way of ensuring guaranteed and 100% secure return on investment. Most solar panel systems offered by Virtue Solaris have a payback period of around 3 years, with more than 30% guaranteed annual return in terms of savings in electricity bills or revenue from feed-in tariffs.

Reason 3

Solar incentives are a stimulus for post-COVID recovery

At present, there are two active government incentives schemes for solar panels. A grant scheme, where one can get a rebate of up to €3,000 on the costs of PV investment, and a feed-in tariff scheme, under which one would get a guaranteed €0.155 tariff for every unit sold to the grid over a 20 year period. These incentives provide a tangible stimulus not only for thousands of Maltese households, but also for hundreds of businesses and self-employed involved in renewable energy sector. Virtue Solaris believes that these incentives must be maintained and intensified to facilitate Malta’s economic recovery.

Reason 4

Solar energy imbues a sense of freedom, emancipation and independence from state controls

Personal freedoms and liberties were the first victims of COVID-19. As Malta has cautiously began to emerge from a partial lockdown, we have found ourselves in a new reality and have come to accept the inevitable restrictions on our personal liberties in the name of common good. On the other hand, installing solar panels for one’s home or business is a statement of independence from state-controlled utility tariffs, and, in a sense, emancipation and freedom of choice.

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Reason 5

Post-COVID economy must be greener and more sustainable one

A global pandemic has given us a stark warning on our vulnerabilities within the Earth biosphere. It has also reminded us of interdependence between the health of planetary ecosystems and our own health. Although many ecologists the world over have heralded a COVID-19 silver lining for our environment, in the form of less pollution, cleaner waters and air, and less use of resources and waste, it has become glaringly obvious that the only reasonable path for a post-COVID world economy must be that of sustainable recovery within the limits of our environment. Solar energy systems offered by Virtue Solaris provide a path towards reducing Malta’s dependence on carbon, reducing pollution and waste.

In just one month, a typical household solar energy system installed by Virtue Solaris is capable of saving the equivalent of a quarter of a ton of coal, a half a ton reduction in CO2 emissions, and the saving of around 30 trees!