As 2021 draws to a close, we would like to thank our treasured partners and customers for your continuous support. The past year continued to pose an array of extraordinary challenges to all of us, both on a personal level, through continued restrictions that affect our daily lives in so many ways, and through economic disruptions brought about by the pandemic.

Over the past few months, solar industry has faced tremendous and unprecedented increase in the cost of virtually all supplies, be it the doubling in the cost of copper, steel or aluminium materials for solar installations, or the incredible ten-fold increase in the cost of shipping and freight. A major disruption to global logistics chain has also caused materials shortage, which is expected to persist for the foreseeable time.

Amidst concerns over skyrocketing energy costs, we have also noted increasing consumer interest and positive confidence in the value of solar energy for businesses and households. Indeed more than ever in these challenging times, going solar is perhaps the only way of reaching energy independence, whilst safeguarding investment against rising inflation.

For households, investing in solar energy provides an opportunity for reducing or totally eliminating energy bills, irrespective of the potential rise in utility tariffs in the future. In most cases, domestic solar investment pays back for itself within about 3-4 years, providing incredible return on investment for many years.

For businesses, investing in solar does not only cut operating costs, but also provides a safe and reliable return on investment over a long period of time.

Despite skyrocketing costs of supplies and logistics over the past few months, Virtue Solaris directed considerable effort into finding ways of managing our operations ever more efficiently, in order to AVOID as much as possible passing the bulk of the increasing costs to our Customers. Indeed over the past few months we have succeeded at keeping our most of our prices at pre-pandemic levels. Whilst we’re not immune to being hard hit by rising costs, we are resolved to do all we can to continue to offer PREMIUM quality solar products to our Customers at the best possible price.

This year, we have also expanded our portfolio with some great new solar products from world leading manufacturers, ranging from Bluetti’s portable off-grid solar generators, to amazing smart household energy storage systems manufactured by Huawei. We’re committed to continuously strive to further improve our offer of innovative solar solutions that address our customers’ real needs.

As the year draws to a close, we would like to wish all the great people we work with, our partners, suppliers and customers a merry Christmas, and a safe, productive and peaceful New Year!