Malta solar panels, convert the Sun’s energy into value!

Just think of the immensity of nature.

150 million km away from us, at the centre of the Sun, each second some 3.7 x 10 (to the power of 38) nuclei of hydrogen (protons) collide and fuse together into helium atoms.

At a tremendous temperature of 15 million degrees, a thermonuclear fusion reaction that has been going on for 4.6 billion years since the Sun’s birth releases a percentage of mass into energy, which is equivalent to the energy of one billion 1 megaton nuclear bombs exploding every single second.

The particles of light, or photons, released in this process, travel at speeds approaching 300,000 km per second and escape the Sun’s tremendous gravity. About eight minutes and twenty seconds after escaping the Sun’s surface, some photons reach the Earth’s atmosphere and eventually the Earth’s surface, carrying with them the energy equivalent to about 1 kilowatt per square meter.

Benefit from solar energy

Virtue Solaris works to help you benefit from this huge potential.

Virtue Solaris clients who installed the super-efficient crystalline silicone solar panels on their roofs, manage to convert up to 20% of the energy reaching solar panel’s surface into usable electricity. This doesn’t seem like much, but is actually one of the best efficiencies achieved by commercially available crystalline silicon solar cells today.

The latest passivated emitter rear contact (PERC) technology in Virtue Solaris solar panels ensures maximum efficiency in the conversion of the power of light, into electrical energy, whilst sophisticated inverters transform the energy produced into AC current, suitable for consumption by a variety of appliances.

Since our clients also benefit from government tariffs for every kWh hour generated and sold to the grid, the power of light, born at the centre of our Sun, is also converted into monetary income for the wise investors.

At Virtue Solaris – Solar Panels Malta, we believe that value is a virtue. We go further than most to give you outstanding value, in the form of products with proven and certified quality, direct from leading manufacturers at an unbeatable price, and with a great personal service and attention to your needs. This is what we do.