Let’s examine the basics.

A conventional solar PV system can offset a significant portion of your energy needs and will save you a great deal of money.

However, solar panels alone cannot totally replace grid supply for the simple reason that solar energy production peaks at around mid-day, yet most households consume most of their energy in the evening and during the night, when PV power is not available.

Therefore even with the most powerful solar panels in place, you’d still be importing some energy and paying for it.

Adding a smart battery system to your PV panels changes the game significantly.
Instead of exporting surplus solar energy to the grid at peak times against a cheap feed-in tariff, and then having to buy electricity in the evenings and during the night at much higher rates, you can store additional energy generated by your solar panels in your own battery. The battery will then power up your house when PV energy is not available.

Battery solutions

However, even the most powerful battery solution would not bring you complete energy INDEPENDENCE. If there is a power cut, the system will power-off automatically as an anti-islanding safety precaution in line with grid code regulations. And so, during a blackout, you would still not have electricity, just as you need it most. Is there a solution?

Definitely yes. Besides PV panels and smart battery system, we add another piece of hardware, which divides output from a smart hybrid solar inverter into two parts. One output is connected with your house’s main electrical system. It supplies your electrical loads in normal grid-connected mode, and allows the export of surplus energy not consumed by the household.

Another output is connected to a separate electrical circuit, which we create specially for this purpose. This circuit will remain energized EVEN in the event of a power cut.

It will ensure that important electrical appliances which you need to have powered on at ALL times, with YOUR OWN PV energy, irrespective of whether grid power is available or not, will remain energized.

With our unique solution, besides maximizing the use of your own solar energy for self consumption, you can achieve self-sufficiency.

A conventional PV system with or without energy storage can save you a huge deal of money; these savings are tangible and can be quantified.

But the true value of energy INDEPENDENCE can be priceless.

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