The government has just announced that the recently suspended feed-in tariffs for commercial solar PV have been renewed for 2019, or until the allocated capacity is taken up. PV systems with less than 40 kWp capacity can benefit from a tariff of €0.155 / kWh whilst those larger than 40 kWp can benefit from €0.14 / kWh, both tariffs guaranteed for 20 years.

In business, TIME is MONEY. If you own a petrol station, a warehouse, a factory, a farm, a restaurant, a hotel or an office building, you have a ONE-TIME opportunity to take IMMEDIATE advantage of the renewed feed-in tariffs with our UNMATCHED one-time offer on high efficiency solar panels for your business.

Prices start from an INCREDIBLE €1 per watt peak of high efficiency solar panels installed (ex. VAT, terms and conditions apply).

These offers are designed to provide full payback in under 5 years, save you thousands, and sometimes tens of thousands in installation costs, and, depending on system size – generate revenue ranging from tens of thousands to several million Euros.