Thanks to the new Maltese government solar schemes, investment in solar panels and energy solar systems has become even more affordable.

Virtue Solaris has formulated a number of special offers to help you benefit from the amazing potential of solar power as soon as possible. We offer:

  • Premium quality solar energy systems that give you the maximum power at minimum cost, benefiting from up to EUR 3,000 grant
  • Cutting edge solar battery storage solutions benefiting from up to EUR 3,600 grant
  • Variety of offers for re-powering old PV systems – for example it is now possible to replace your old PV inverter with a new hybrid battery-ready model and add solar battery storage + get up to EUR 1,800 grant on new inverter + up to EUR 3,600 grant on battery
  • Great financing options with zero upfront cost
  • Solar carports and fast chargers for electric vehicles