A smart and very powerful off-grid PV and energy storage system has been installed by Virtue Solaris in one of Malta’s most iconic locations: Comino Blue Lagoon.

Thanks to this system, various amenities in Blue Lagoon’s public convenience have been powered up!

Since public convenience building is not served by grid energy supply, a powerful off-grid system was a necessity. Thanks to this system, Blue Lagoon bathers can shower after a day on the beach, as the system supplies enough power for water pumps to keep necessary pressure. The system consists of a 3kWp solar panels system, a very powerful off-grid inverter, and four 6.5kWh smart lithium battery modules developed by Dowell Electronics.

Thanks to a smart monitoring interface, all parameters of the system can be monitored in real time.

Installing this equipment in a remote location has been a technical challenge. But technical challenges do not scare Virtue Solaris great technical team!