On a bright summer day Malta receives more free energy from the Sun in just one hour, than is needed to power all of Malta’s needs for over a year. The challenge is how best to harness this abundant energy in Malta’s specific circumstances, where land availability for installing conventional solar panels is very limited.

On occasion of the opening of 2022 edition of MFCC Trade Fair kicking-off on 23rd June, Virtue Solaris Ltd, Maltese renewable energy company shall be launching a new revolutionary product, which has the potential to overcome this challenge, and to accelerate Malta’s progress towards sustainable renewable energy future.

Developed by Virtue Solaris’ Canadian technology partners, Solar Earth Solutions, the product consists of pavement-integrated solar photovoltaic (PIPV) modules, which like conventional solar panels, transform sunlight into electricity.

Installation surface

But unlike traditional solar panels, this revolutionary product can be installed on any existing surfaces exposed to sunlight, such pavements, roads, carparks, cycleways, driveways or footpaths.

PIPV modules do not require new surface installation; they can be easily integrated into existing pathways without the need for any infrastructural works, ensuring additional RoI on currently zero-value infrastructure.

PIPV cells are protected by patented Canadian technology including heavy duty, anti-slip and impact-resistant polymers uniquely suited for even the harshest environment. These cells are designed to withstand pedestrian and light vehicle traffic. Additionally, the product has features that help to manage hardscape surface heat. Integrated functionality can be added to enhance overall safety.

Innovative product

This innovative product represents the most resilient, viable, cost effective and commercially available solution on the market today. This unique PIPV technology has been installed and proven in a variety of urban and rural settings across various regions of the world. It does not require any advance or specialized maintenance above typical cleanings, such as a regular sidewalk would undergo. The product holds CE, FCC, PSE and PoHS certifications and is presently undergoing additional PV module certification by TUV.

To learn more about this unique product, visit Virtue Solaris stand at MFCC Trade Fair between 23rd June and 3rd of July, or send an enquiry on [email protected]