Vitorja. Indipendenza. Liberta.

In honour of Malta’s national Victory Day, and in celebration of some of Malta’s most important historic achievements, we launch three special offers: Victory, Independence and Freedom:


  • Achieve VICTORY over your energy bills with our special maximum power PV system.
  • 10 * 440W premium quality solar panels from HT-SAAE, a Bloomberg Tier 1 manufacturer, latest Huawei hybrid inverter, mounting structure, installation and advanced monitoring system, all backed by world class guarantees.
  • Your net investment of only €3,250, which can also be financed by virtually interest-free installments, will pay off in around three years, whilst VICTORY over energy bills would be guaranteed for many years to come!


  • Your household can become energy INDEPENDENT with the addition of a state-of the art energy storage system.
  • Maximize self-consumption of the energy produced by your own PV system and improve self-sufficiency.
  • Malta’s heroes paid a heavy price for the nation’s INDEPENDENCE; your energy self-sufficiency may only require a net investment starting from €2,062.


  • The only real FREEDOM is freedom from fear, and this includes not having to worry about power cuts or lack of power supply in an off-grid location.
  • We offer a range of on-and-off grid power solutions that can keep your important electrical loads energized irrespective of whether grid power is temporarily or permanently unavailable.