Attention penthouse owners!

On average, energy consumption of penthouses tends to be higher than of comparable apartments of the same size. This is due to a number of factors, including due to greater requirement for air conditioning and heating.

But since penthouses commonly come with the ownership of the roof and airspace, installation of a solar PV system is a must for any discerning penthouse owner.

On the other hand, PV systems atop a penthouse tend to come at a considerably higher cost than identical PV systems in other types of properties, such as townhouses, terraced houses and maisonettes. This is due to higher costs associated with extra cable lengths, additional costs of lifting of equipment to higher heights, higher windload requirements and several other factors that are particular to penthouses. At times, these additional costs can amount to up to 20% of the total PV system cost.

This is why at Virtue Solaris we have formulated a number of unique offers designed to help penthouse owners to reap the benefits of solar energy, at NO extra cost!

Contact Virtue Solaris on [email protected] or mob: 99880528 for FREE site visit and a quote, and benefit from:

  • Single or three phase PV systems of the highest quality DESIGNED for your specific penthouse requirements
  • Maximum power generation within the space available
  • Extra STRONG mounting structure with 20 years warranty at NO extra cost
  • NO extra charges for extra cable lengths
  • NO extra charges for crane lifting higher than 3 floors
  • NO extra charges for hire of tower ladder (“cherrypicker”) in case cable is run on building façade
  • Fantastic warranty terms

This is a one-time offer. Terms & conditions apply.