With spiralling costs of electricity consumption, a solar PV system is no longer a luxury, but a must for the homeowners.

Following overwhelming success of our “Virtue Max” and “Virtue Super Power” offers on high efficiency solar panels, which come to a close today, Virtue Solaris launched a series of NEW package deals, offering our esteemed clientele even more VALUE.

The new special offers are designed for those Customers who value a combination of PREMIUM quality, reliability, technological sophistication, unique design and highly affordable price.

These packages are designed to MAXIMIZE your return on investment, and give you MORE power for LESS space, without costing the proverbial arm and a leg.

This is why we combined two amazing leading global PV brands in a single, unique, and highly affordable offer.

The package combines one of the most technologically sophisticated, reliable and future-proof award winning hybrid inverter models in the word, Huawei SUN2000L, with one of the most efficient model ranges of monocrystalline PERC solar panels which, thanks to aerospace-grade advanced MBB and PERC technologies, pack a formidable power of up to 385W each.

The solar panels are manufactured by a Bloomberg Tier 1 supplier of solar modules, a Fortune 500 global company HT-SAAE. The latter brand forms part of a giant hi-tech enterprise with history dating back to 1956, dedicated to applying space-related technology within selected sectors of general industry, with a spectacular pedigree of achievements, including recent landing of a robotic space probe Chang’e 4 on the dark side of the Moon.